Abdullah & Najwa :The Wedding 24&25 December 2010


salam and good day everyone! well,this wedding assignment is really a huge 'assignment' for me,because the task of taking the wedding momentos is given by my own Dean and my previous lecturer at my university campus,Dr Khairanum.It was her elder daughter's wedding. It was a very beautiful,gorgeous and full of laughter during the wedding.The Dean's family is the most obvious to rock on that day :). not to forget, i would like to thank my best friend in this field, wan ahmad faris ( a very talented fella guys) and his friend,botak ( i dont even know his real name tsk~) to give such a huge help to me during completing the assignment, u knowlah haziq, always blur sometimes huhu... so as usual,i present to you some of the moments during the event. enjoice~

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aisYahzaCk said...

nice job bro!

azlanfauzi said...

wahh. faris! nice dowh gmbr!

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